Blackbelt Benefit Group is a non-profit organization formed with the primary interest of assisting charities in need.

To accomplish this we focus our many different fundraising events on creating an enjoyable atmosphere with art, music, food, and other entertainment while ultimately bringing awareness to the issues of poverty, domestic violence, and child abuse, among others. The end result is a new group of young adults who are aware of the importance of confronting social issues and are committed to keeping their different communities, neighborhoods, schools and parks clean and safe for all to enjoy. We like to utilize interesting , innovative, and exciting ways to educate and inform the public about the issues that need attention. Some events are completely free to all, others are ticketed, however, so that everyone can be involved, we always try to have a portion of every event that is free and open to everyone at absolutely no cost. Keep checking in with us as we grow and develop! We look forward to what the future holds!